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The data and information within DWSIM has been obtained from a wide variety of literature sources. While reasonable care has been exercised in the collection of data and testing of this software, the author and contributors of the DWSIM Project disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or reliability of the data or calculations contained therein.

The results of calculations obtained from DWSIM yield approximate results, which will not always be suitable for every application. The software is designed for use by trained professional personnel and is not a substitute for sound professional judgment. It is the sole responsibility of the user to validate the data presented by DWSIM and to determine whether the results of this program are accurate and suitable for any specific purpose. No guarantee of accuracy or fitness for any purpose is expressed or implied.

The author and contributors strongly recommends that the data be checked against other sources and/or methods before use and application. DWSIM's author and its contributors shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages incurred through use of the data or calculations.

Support the Project

If DWSIM is or was useful to you in any way, please consider making a donation using PayPal or through the download system when you download an installation package.

When you donate to DWSIM project, you donate directly to me, Daniel Wagner Oliveira de Medeiros, the main developer, site mantainer, project manager, etc...

Donations made through the download system will be transferred to PayPal first, then to my bank account. Donations made through the PayPal button are transferred to my bank account. Almost 15% of what you donate is "lost" in transaction fees and currency conversion rates.

Donations are for me as an individual and thus each donation supports everything I do, i.e. they help me pay my bills at the end of the month among other stuff. I also donate to some charity campaigns but these donations are personal, they have nothing to to with DWSIM and thus do not depend on the donations I receive from it.

Donation Options

Donate through an International Bank Transfer (SWIFT). Click here to send me an email and I'll send you my bank account details.
Donate through a PayPal Account or by using a Credit Card.

DWSIM for Desktop Systems

Latest Desktop Release for Donating Users: v5.6 Update 8 (December 28, 2018)

Latest Desktop Release for Nondonating Users: v5.6 Update 7 (December 17, 2018)

See What's New and view the ReadMe file for the latest Desktop Release.

Download Options

DWSIM is free and open source software! If you are a professional
, please consider using the download links on the table below to donate US$ 10 or more and get early access to updates and priority 24/7 e-mail support.

Paid Downloads (Download & Donate) are managed by Gumroad, a platform that enables creators to sell products directly to consumers. Although Gumroad keeps a higher percentage of the donation (8.5%) to itself than PayPal, it allows the user to donate using a credit card directly, without a PayPal account.

Special packages for macOS and VirtualBox including DWSIM Classic, Capital Cost Estimator Plugin, ChemSep and other CAPE-OPEN software are available for $30 or more.

Features/Platform Windows.png
Windows 7/8/10
Windows XP
Debian Linux
VirtualBox VDI Image
32-bit 64-bit any amd64 armhf any any any
Classic User Interface (Windows Forms)
Cross-Platform User Interface (WPF/GTK+/Cocoa)
Supports ChemSep
Supports CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations & Property Packages
24/7 email support
Early access to updates
Includes Advanced EOS Library
Includes Capital Cost Estimator Plugin
Minimum Donation Value (USD) (?) $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 Free $10 $30 Free $30
Download Size (MB) 62 62 49 52 25 500 86 1100 2350 2350
Download Link Icons8-download filled.png Icons8-download filled.png Icons8-download filled.png Icons8-download filled.png Icons8-download filled.png Icons8-download.png Icons8-download filled.png Icons8-download filled.png Icons8-download.png Icons8-download filled.png

Student Downloads

If you are a student
, you can download the same installers for free from the SourceForge Project Page. Support for you is available on the SourceForge Forums only.

Direct emails asking for help/support will be ignored.

If you've downloaded DWSIM for free and need priority support, you can donate USD10 or more and get a support ticket from here.

The special packages are not available for free, although you can create them on your own using free tools available elsewhere.

Source Code

View Source @ GitHub

DWSIM source code is written in VB.NET and C#, which can be compiled with Visual Studio 2017 on Windows, MonoDevelop on Linux and Visual Studio for Mac with Mono Framework v5.12+ on macOS.

Additional Information


Administrator privileges are not required for the installation of DWSIM itself, but do are for .NET Type Libraries Registration (to enable Automation) and installation of the supplementary software. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1.

Windows XP

The Windows XP version requires .NET Framework 4.0 and includes the Classic User Interface only.


The software package installs DWSIM on Debian Linux distributions (i.e. Ubuntu), taking care of required dependencies. Tested on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 only. Requires Mono Framework version 5.14 or newer to run.

The preconfigured Lubuntu 16.04 VirtualBox Disk Image contains DWSIM 5.3 and all required plus optional packages. You can update DWSIM on this VM by downloading and installing the Debian Software Package.

Linux (Classic UI + ChemSep)

This 7zip-compressed package contains a special Wine-enabled DWSIM version. It enables running simulations containing CAPE-OPEN objects like ChemSep and COCO Unit Operations on Linux systems. Requires wine-stable v3.0.3 or newer to work.

Complete Simulation Environment

This special VirtualBox VDI Disk Image contains a full installation of Ubuntu Mate 14.04 32-bit and allows you to run the Windows version of DWSIM (Classic UI) on any system through VirtualBox. Includes the full version of the Capital Cost Estimator Plugin, the Advanced EOS Library, ChemSep, Octave and other CAPE-OPEN software. With this version you can create, open and manipulate simulations containing ChemSep columns and other CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations and Property Packages on any VirtualBox-supported host operating system.


The download contains a compressed ZIP file with an App Bundle for DWSIM on macOS.

macOS (Classic UI + ChemSep)

This special App Bundle allows you to run the Windows version of DWSIM (Classic UI) on macOS. Includes the full version of the Capital Cost Estimator Plugin, the Advanced EOS Library, ChemSep, Octave, Python and other CAPE-OPEN software. With this version you can create, open and manipulate simulations containing ChemSep columns and other CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations and Property Packages on macOS.


The Debian Installer Packages for Raspberry Pi 2/3 takes care of required dependencies. Includes binaries, documentation and samples. Requires Mono 5.0 or newer with the Visual Basic compiler package (mono-vbnc) and GTK# version 2.12 or newer to run.

Follow these instructions to install the most recent Mono version on Raspbian Stretch and Ubuntu MATE:

After installation, run DWSIM through the terminal by typing 'dwsim'.