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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the relation between DWSIM, COCO and ChemSep?

The COCO Simulator is used as a reference for validation of thermodynamic and unit operation models. DWSIM uses ChemSep's binary interaction parameter IPD files for UNIQUAC, NRTL, PR and SRK models, and group contribution data GCD files for UNIFAC, Mod. UNIFAC and Joback models. You can use the ChemSep LITE component database in DWSIM, but you must install ChemSep first so DWSIM can locate and load it correctly.

As of DWSIM 2.0, COCO's TEA can be loaded in DWSIM to provide thermo & equilibrium calculations and DWSIM Property Packages can be loaded in COFE to do the same. COCO's COUSCOUS Unit Operations and ChemSep's Column can be added to DWSIM through the CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation Wrapper/Socket.

Features & Limitations

How many phases are supported by DWSIM thermodynamic models?

DWSIM supports Vapor-Liquid (VLE), Vapor-Liquid-Liquid (VLLE), Solid-Liquid (SLE) and Aqueous Electrolyte systems.

How and when is the process flowsheet calculated?

The flowsheet is recalculated every time you define/change the basic properties of material streams (temperature, pressure, flow rate and composition) and unit operations. You can force recalculation of the entire flowsheet by using the appropriate buttons on the Calculator toolbar.

What flash types are supported by DWSIM?

Currently DWSIM supports the following Flash types: Pressure-Temperature (PT), Pressure-Enthalpy (PH), Pressure-Entropy (PS), Pressure-Vapor Fraction (PVF) and Temperature-Vapor Fraction (TVF).

Does DWSIM support dynamic simulations?


Is DWSIM CAPE-OPEN compliant?

Yes! DWSIM works with both Thermo 1.0 and 1.1 version CAPE-OPEN Property Packages and Unit Operations. Also, DWSIM exposes its Property Packages (using Thermo 1.1) and one of its Unit Operations (IronPython/IronRuby Script) to CAPE-OPEN compatible simulators.

Project Details

When the DWSIM project started?

The DWSIM Project was started by Daniel Medeiros in the end of 2006 with a very basic set of features, some unit operations and a property package for use with water only. It wasn't meant (at least initially) to be open source, but from version 1.3 and on it is being released as such.

How many people are involved in the project?

Daniel Medeiros is the project creator and currently the only developer. Gregor Reichert developed some features and helped with testing and bug fixing, while Gustavo León enhanced the distillation column model a few years ago.

About the people...

Daniel Medeiros (LinkedIn Profile) is a Chemical Engineer specialized in Process Engineering, with a seven-year experience on the Petroleum Industry working as a Process Engineer. He has experience with design, modeling, simulation, evaluation and operation of petroleum processing / transportation facilities. He loves working on DWSIM since 2005, when everything started with ugly and cheap Excel VBA macros.