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Daniel Medeiros, the creator and developer of DWSIM and related software, now offers specialized support, consultancy services and development of tailored solutions regarding DWSIM Simulator and DWSIM Thermodynamics Library.

Priority support

If you ask for help on DWSIM forums, you'll typically get a response within several days. If you need a faster solution, Daniel can answer questions by e-mail, Skype, WhatsApp or a TeamViewer session and help you debug so you can meet your deadline with everything working smoothly.

Supported Products

Support is provided on the official, unmodified, public current release of DWSIM Simulator for Desktop and DWSIM Thermodynamics Library (DTL).

Included Services

The following support services are provided:

  • Installation assistance and activation problems
  • Technical problem diagnosis
  • Fixing technical problems when possible
  • Applying bug patches when available
  • Help with best practices
  • Help learning how to use DWSIM and/or DTL
  • Customization of DWSIM and or DTL products, including development of Plugins and Interfaces (Enterprise Support Only)
  • Assistance in the planning, scripting, programming, customizing, debugging, designing or styling of projects that make use of supported products

About Custom Development

If there's a feature you'd like to see added to DWSIM/DTL, you can hire Daniel Medeiros to develop it and provide a special release for you. You will own the created product.

Contact Information

Paid Support requests are subject to the Terms of Service.

Contact Daniel through this e-mail address for more information about Paid DWSIM Support.