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This is the current roadmap for DWSIM as of February 06, 2017. There aren't any dates or deadlines since we work on DWSIM when we have time to do it. If you would like to help or give suggestions, please contact Daniel through its SourceForge profile page.



  • Data Regression Utility
  • Petroleum Assay Manager
  • Simultaneous Adjust Solver


  • Add suport for Solid-Liquid Equilibria (SLE) done
  • Add support for Electrolyte systems partially working
  • Enhance scripting unit op (include some kind of intellisense, integrated help, etc.) done
  • Include more inlet ports in the gas-liquid separator done
  • Integrate sizing utilities with separators and valves (cancelled - not that relevant)
  • Include hydrate calculations in the Phase Envelope utility (done in 3.2)
  • Enhance Natural Gas Properties plugin
  • Do some cleaning of the Property Package base code
  • Isolate managed thermodynamics calculation code from DWSIM to create a standalone DLL that can be used externally by any program (done)
  • Unify .NET/Mono source code done
  • Create a new XML file type that can be opened and created by both .NET and Mono editions - working on it done
  • Compile under .NET 4.0 done
  • Add support for multiple processor cores done
  • Add support for CUDA (GPU processing) done

DWSIM 3.1/3.2

  • Expose more properties of the Column model to the Adjust Logical Op (done)
  • Implement a phase identification algorithm [1] (done)
  • Implement an EOS pseudoproperty generation method [2] (done)
  • Finish implementation of saturation point calculation in Nested Loops and Gibbs Three-Phase algorithms (done)

DWSIM 3.3+

  • Finish writing of the integrated help (done)
  • Implement the F-SAC model
  • Fully implement Advanced Equations of State (CPA, PC-SAFT, etc.)
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