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Advanced EOS LibraryAutomatic UpdatesAutomation
AwardBlack-Oil SimulationsCAPE-OPEN
CalculatorCapital Cost Estimator
Command Line ModeCompiling DWSIM on LinuxDTL
DWSIM Calculator CompoundsDWSIM Simulator for Android
DWSIM Simulator for iPhone/iPadDownloadsDynamic Simulation Tutorial with DWSIM and Python, Part 1: Concepts and Steady-State Model
Dynamic Simulation Tutorial with DWSIM and Python, Part 2: Building the Dynamic ModelDynamic Simulation Tutorial with DWSIM and Python, Part 3: Adding a PID ControllerDynamic Simulation Tutorial with DWSIM and Python, Part 4: Tuning the PID Controller through Non-Linear Optimization
Excel Add-In for Thermodynamic CalculationsFAQFeatures
Features by PlatformIronPython CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation tipsKnowledge Base: DWSIM fails to create/open a new flowsheet on Linux due to SkiaSharp errors
Knowledge Base: Drag-and-drop docking doesn't work on MonoKnowledge Base: Error removing a reaction from the listKnowledge Base: Error running DWSIM on Linux - entry point could not be loaded
Knowledge Base: Error while trying to solve the flowsheet - Unable to load DLL nvcudaLicenseLiterature
Main PageMain Page/ptMobile Compatibility Mode
Natural Gas PropertiesObject Property CodesOverriding Calculated Properties
Paid SupportParallel calculation options in DWSIM 3Phase Identification Parameter
Property Methods and Correlation ProfilesProperty Package SelectionRunning DWSIM on Ubuntu
Seawater SimulationsSetting up an Electrolyte SimulationSolver Configuration
SupportThermoC BridgeUsing the Compound Creator Utility
Using the Data Regression UtilityUsing the IronPython Script ManagerWhat's New
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