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This section contains information about the issue or topic. It is wise to contain some verbatim information, such as error messages:


Describe to the user when the issue described in the "Synopsis" above is indeed applicable in this context.

Be clear in this matter, and use verifiable methods, such as checking output with grep or so...


Provide a detailed analysis of why this issue occurs. If possible, do not simply describe the fix; try to provide insight into how and why the issue happened so the user can learn from it.


Give, in short sets of commands, instructions that will fix or resolve the issue:

See also

If there are related topics the user can read to gather knowledge located inside this wiki, then list them each with a bullet point here under the a "See also" section:

External resources

If there are additional resources that can be view outside this wiki, list them each with a bullet point here under an "External resources" section: