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  • Added support for Raspberry Pi 2/3 (Linux 32-bit ARM Platform)
  • Added a Natural Gas Water Saturator sample
  • Added new sample flowsheet: NGPU with Turbo-Expansion (Windows only)
  • PFD enhancements (New UI): edit flowsheet object appearance, horizontal/vertical flip, rotation and other properties
  • Exposed Plugins Interface to Cross-Platform UI
  • Simulation Setup Wizard (New UI)
  • Compound Creator Wizard
  • Calculated Phase Properties can now be overriden by the user
  • Force compound to be in the solid phase only
  • Added full profile information for Pipe Segment result reports (New UI)
  • New procedure for calculation of dew points in Natural Gas properties Plugin
  • Updated CoolProp libraries (Windows/Linux)
  • Improved compound compatibility with CoolProp Property Package


  • New Cross-Platform User Interface (Windows/Linux/macOS)
  • Simulation Objects now feature Dynamic Properties
  • Reworked Classic interface to increase PFD area
  • Native libraries are now included on each platform-specific installer/package
  • Fixed Equation 107 in compound creator
  • Fixed ODE solver in PFR code
  • Various bug fixes and minor enhancements


Import Compound from Online Databases (KDB, Chemeo, DDB GC Structure Info)

Compound Data Import Wizards were created to add compounds directly from online sources to a simulation.

Img v43 001.png

Img v43 004.png

Import Compound from ChEDL Thermo Python Library (https://github.com/CalebBell/thermo)

You can now add compounds from the excelent Python ChEDL Thermo Library (https://github.com/CalebBell/thermo) to a simulation through a DWSIM/Python bridge. You'll need a valid Python installation with the thermo package to use this feature.

Img v43 008.png

Data Regression Tool: Import VLE data from Online KDB Database

The KDB database also contains experimental VLE data for various binaries. Use this import tool to get the data directly to DWSIM.

Img v43 015.png

Export/Import Compound data to/from JSON file format

A new compound data JSON import/export tool was added. The JSON format is much more readable than XML, which should facilitate any required editing before adding a custom compound to the simulation.

Img v43 032.png

Add objects to the flowsheet from the context menu

The screenshot speaks by itself.

Img v43 011.png

Spreadsheet Undo/Redo

The spreadsheet now supports undo/redo of cell values.

Img v43 012.png


  • Added support for COM/.NET Automation
  • Added string variable support to Script UO
  • Manage user databases directly from Excel Add-In Options window
  • Enhanced compatibility with Wine on Linux/macOS


  • Added the ability to load, edit and save simulations created on mobile devices (Android/iOS)
  • Material Stream editor enhancements
  • Biodiesel production sample
  • Added more thermophysical phase properties: Isothermal Compressibility, Bulk Modulus, Joule-Thomson Coefficient, Speed of Sound, Internal Energy, Gibbs Free Energy and Helmholtz Free Energy
  • New Compound properties menu in Material Stream editor, added Infinite Dilution Diffusivity Coefficients
  • Updated Molarity/Molality input mechanism


  • Petalas-Aziz pressure drop calculation model now available for Windows 64-bit and Linux 32/64-bit
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated CoolProp library to v6.0.0
  • Excel Add-In ribbon menu
  • Update User Interface
  • Automatic Updates
  • Flowsheet utilities: Split/Merge Energy/Material Streams, Resize Objects, Search Bar, Add Rectangle
  • Export Report data to ODT/ODS files
  • Heat Exchanger Pinch Point calculation mode
  • Pipe Segment ambient temperature gradient
  • Calculation speed improvements up to 50%
  • Enhanced Property Tables (Floating, Simple, Master and Linked) behavior
  • Utilities are now linked to Flowsheet Objects, can be added multiple times and saved/restored with simulation files
  • Many bug fixes and improvements