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Common Namespace

Public classActionEventArgs
Action event argument.
Public classActionException
Represents action exception. This exception will be thrown when errors happened during do/undo/redo an action.
Public classActionGroup
Action group is used to perform several actions together during one time operation, For example there is two actions:
  1. expend spreadsheet action
  2. copy data action
Sometimes it is necessary to perform these two actions together, they are should undo together, in this case, create an ActionGroup and add them into the group, then invoke the 'DoAction' method of 'ActionManager' by passing this action group object.
Public classToolkit
Common Toolkit
Public interfaceIAction
Represents action interface.
Public interfaceILogWritter
Log writter
Public interfaceIUndoableAction
Undoable action interface.
Public enumerationActionBehavior
Behavior flag for argument of ActionPerformmed event.