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<div class="fullwidth">[http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/DWSIM_CMP3_2.gif Go to DWSIM FOSSEE's Custom Modeling Project Page]</div>
<div class="fullwidth">http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/DWSIM_CMP3_2.gif Go to DWSIM FOSSEE's Custom Modeling Project Page</div>
<div class="fullwidth">[[File:Dwsim_windows_classic.png|Download DWSIM|link=Downloads]]</div>
<div class="fullwidth">[[File:Dwsim_windows_classic.png|Download DWSIM|link=Downloads]]</div>

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DWSIM_CMP3_2.gif Go to DWSIM FOSSEE's Custom Modeling Project Page
Download DWSIM

DWSIM is a multiplatform, CAPE-OPEN compliant chemical process simulator for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS and iOS. Built on the top of the Microsoft .NET and Mono Platforms and featuring a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI), DWSIM allows chemical engineering students and chemical engineers to better understand the behavior of their chemical systems by using rigorous thermodynamic and unit operations' models with no cost at all.

DWSIM has an easy-to-use graphical interface with many features previously available only in commercial simulators:

  • CAPE-OPEN features (Windows): Thermo 1.0/1.1 Property Package Socket, Thermo 1.1 Property Package Server, Unit Operation Socket and Flowsheet Monitoring Object support. Additionally, DWSIM exposes its Python Script (Custom) Unit Operation for all CAPE-OPEN compliant simulators.
  • Thermodynamic models: CoolProp, Peng-Robinson, Soave-Redlich-Kwong, Lee-Kesler, Lee-Kesler-Plöcker, UNIFAC, Modified UNIFAC (Dortmund), UNIQUAC, NRTL, Extended UNIQUAC, Chao-Seader, Grayson-Streed, Raoult's Law, IAPWS-IF97 Steam Tables, IAPWS-08 Seawater, Black-Oil and Sour Water;
  • Unit Operations: Mixer, Splitter, Separator, Pump, Compressor, Expander, Heater, Cooler, Valve, Pipe Segment, Shortcut Column, Heat Exchanger, Reactors, Component Separator, Orifice Plate, Distillation/Absorption Columns, Solids Separator, Cake Filter, Excel, Script and Flowsheet Unit Operation;
  • Utilities: Phase Envelope, Hydrate Calculations, Pure Component Properties, Critical Point, PSV Sizing, Vessel Sizing, Spreadsheet and Petroleum Cold Flow Properties;
  • Tools: Binary Data Regression, Compound Creator, Bulk C7+ and Distillation Curves Petroleum Characterization and Reactions Manager;
  • Process Analysis: Multivariate Constrained Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis utility;
  • Extras: Scripting System and Plugins Interface.