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<source lang=python>
<source lang=python>
# assuming that you have a splitter named "SPLT-001" on your flowsheet, try the following:
splitter = SPLT_001
splitter = SPLT_001
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print sum
print sum
# DWSIM will use the rations when the splitter is in SplitRatios operation mode.
# DWSIM will use the ratios when the splitter is in SplitRatios operation mode.
# if calculation mode is StreamMassFlowSpec or StreamMoleFlowSpec, set the StreamFlowSpec  
# if calculation mode is StreamMassFlowSpec or StreamMoleFlowSpec, set the StreamFlowSpec  

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Create, connect and manipulate objects

Assuming that you're running a simulation with defined compound(s) and property package(s), this will create and connect a cooler and its connections:

import clr

from DWSIM import Interfaces

cooler = Flowsheet.AddObject(Interfaces.Enums.GraphicObjects.ObjectType.Cooler, 100, 100, 'COOLER-001')
heat_out = Flowsheet.AddObject(Interfaces.Enums.GraphicObjects.ObjectType.EnergyStream, 130, 150, 'HEAT_OUT')
inlet = Flowsheet.AddObject(Interfaces.Enums.GraphicObjects.ObjectType.MaterialStream, 50, 100, 'INLET')
outlet = Flowsheet.AddObject(Interfaces.Enums.GraphicObjects.ObjectType.MaterialStream, 150, 100, 'OUTLET')

cooler.GraphicObject.CreateConnectors(1, 1)
inlet.GraphicObject.CreateConnectors(1, 1)
outlet.GraphicObject.CreateConnectors(1, 1)
heat_out.GraphicObject.CreateConnectors(1, 1)

Flowsheet.ConnectObjects(inlet.GraphicObject, cooler.GraphicObject, 0, 0)
Flowsheet.ConnectObjects(cooler.GraphicObject, outlet.GraphicObject, 0, 0)
Flowsheet.ConnectObjects(cooler.GraphicObject, heat_out.GraphicObject, 0, 0)

# get inlet properties
inlet_properties = inlet.GetPhase('Overall').Properties

inlet_properties.temperature = 400 # K
inlet_properties.pressure = 1000000 # Pa
inlet_properties.massflow = 30 # kg/s

# the following will define all compound mole fractions to the same value so the sum is equal to 1

# set the cooler's outlet temperature to 300 K
# http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/api_help57/html/T_DWSIM_UnitOperations_UnitOperations_Cooler.htm
cooler.OutletTemperature = 300

# set the cooler's calculation mode to 'outlet temperature'
# http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/api_help57/html/T_DWSIM_UnitOperations_UnitOperations_Cooler_CalculationMode.htm

from DWSIM import UnitOperations
cooler.CalcMode = UnitOperations.UnitOperations.Cooler.CalculationMode.OutletTemperature

#calculate the flowsheet
Flowsheet.RequestCalculation(None, False)

#get the outlet stream temperature and cooler's temperature decrease
deltat = cooler.DeltaT
heat_flow = heat_out.EnergyFlow

print('Cooler Temperature Drop (K):'+ str(deltat))
print('Heat Flow (kW): ' + str(heat_flow))

Getting a reference to a Compound in the simulation

mycompound = Flowsheet.SelectedCompounds['Methane']

mycompound2 = Flowsheet.GetSimulationObject['MSTR-001'].Phases[0].Compounds['Methane']

mycompound and mycompound2 are referencing the same object in memory.

Executing a script from another tab/section

import clr
import System
from System import *


# get the script text from "Functions" using LINQ
source = Flowsheet.Scripts.Values.Where(lambda x: x.Title == 'Functions').FirstOrDefault().ScriptText.replace('\r', '')

# execute the script

Setting the properties of a Material Stream

ms1 = Flowsheet.GetFlowsheetSimulationObject('MSTR-001')

overall = ms1.GetPhase('Overall')
overall.Properties.temperature = 200 # set temperature to 200 K
overall.Properties.pressure = 101325 # set pressure to 101325 Pa
overall.Properties.massflow = 14 # set mass flow to 14 kg/s

Getting Surface Tension and Diffusion Coefficients from a Material Stream

import clr
import System

# get feed's interfacial tension - method 1

mixphase = feed.GetPhase("Mixture")

sftens = mixphase.Properties.surfaceTension

print str(sftens) + " N/m"

# get feed's interfacial tension - method 2

sftens2 = clr.Reference[System.Object]()

feed.GetTwoPhaseProp("surfacetension", None, "", sftens2)

print str(sftens2.Value[0]) + " N/m"

# diffusion coefficients

phase = feed.GetPhase("Vapor")

compound = phase.Compounds["Methane"]

difc = compound.DiffusionCoefficient

print str(difc) + " m2/s"

Create and Display a Two-Dimensional Plot (Classic UI)

import clr


import OxyPlot

from OxyPlot.WindowsForms import PlotView
from System.Windows.Forms import *
from DWSIM.UI.Shared import *
from System import Array

from math import * 
x = [i * 0.1 for i in range(100)]

# generate and display a nice chart

# create a new Plot model

# http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/api_help5/html/T_DWSIM_UI_Shared_Common.htm
# http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/api_help5/html/T_DWSIM_ExtensionMethods_OxyPlot.htm

chart1 = PlotView()
chart1.Model = Common.CreatePlotModel(Array[float](x), Array[float]([sin(xi) for xi in x]), "Test", "", "x", "y") 

# update the chart data view


# setup and display the chart

form1 = Form()

chart1.Dock = DockStyle.Fill


Manipulate a Splliter Block

# assuming that you have a splitter named "SPLT-001" on your flowsheet, try the following:

splitter = SPLT_001

# print the current operation mode
# http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/api_help57/html/P_DWSIM_UnitOperations_UnitOperations_Splitter_OperationMode.htm

print splitter.OperationMode

# ratios is an array which stores the relative amount for up to 3 streams. 

print splitter.Ratios[0]
print splitter.Ratios[1]
print splitter.Ratios[2]

# the sum of the three values must be equal to 1 to preserve the mass balance.

sum = splitter.Ratios[0] + splitter.Ratios[1] + splitter.Ratios[2]

print sum

# DWSIM will use the ratios when the splitter is in SplitRatios operation mode.

# if calculation mode is StreamMassFlowSpec or StreamMoleFlowSpec, set the StreamFlowSpec 
# property to the mass (kg/s) or mole (mol/s) flow value, then DWSIM will calculate the value for
# the second outlet stream to close the balance.

# if there are three outlet streams, you must set both StreamFlowSpec and Stream2FlowSpec.

Other Snippets

For more code snippets, go to https://sourceforge.net/p/dwsim/discussion/scripting/.