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Free Help/Support options

Click here to see a list with all pages in this Wiki. Check the Features, FAQ and What's New pages for more information about DWSIM main features. The Tutorials section contains links to videos and articles to help you with general DWSIM usage. If you have a bug to report, use the ticket system for DWSIM. If you are looking for some support on using DWSIM or have something to share with other users, use one of the Forums available in the SourceForge project page. Support is available in English and Brazilian Portuguese languages. You can also subscribe to the Mailing Lists as an alternative/complement to the Support Forums.

How to help

DWSIM for Windows/Linux/macOS is currently developed and mantained by Daniel Wagner Oliveira de Medeiros. Contact Daniel through this link if you want to give some additional help. You can always make a donation to this project. DWSIM for Android/iOS is developed, supported and mantained by Daniel Medeiros.